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Our Environmental Policy

When we choose toxin-free and eco-friendly, we throw our planet some love, create meaningful change, and we do ourselves — and future generations — a huge favour. 

 The Clean Collective - Environmental Policy

Looking at the overall environmental impact of a product, from the toxins it contains to the packaging it comes in and the materials it’s made with is oh-so important to us.



With remnants of conventional household products like laundry detergent, dishwasher liquid, surface cleaners, personal care products and more being washed down the drain and into our water systems, we want to ensure that the products we choose are safe for everyone, including the planet.

By choosing cleaner and greener products for yourself and your family, you help to lessen the chemical burden on the planet, wildlife and future water, land and air systems.

Check out our Ingredients Policy for more information on how we judge toxins.



Plastic is not only toxic but also one of the biggest sources of environmental pollution of our time.

Since plastics are created to stand the test of time, they are a far cry from biodegradable and clutter the environment and landfills for hundreds of years. Not only that, but when they find their way to our oceans, those toxins leach into water, smother natural ecosystems, and harm wildlife.

Recent studies have begun to reveal that ‘microplastics’ are now turning up in our food and water systems. These are the particles that deteriorate from larger plastic pieces and enter oceans, lakes, and streams. One study concluded that eight trillion microbeads are entering aquatic environments every day and impacting the health of everything from fish to oysters and reaching as far down the food chain to honey and even the production of beer.

Choosing non-plastic and reusable products ensures that when you part ways with them, they’ll be more easily deposed of, reused or recycled and kept away from our precious sea, land, and all inhabitants.

The reality is that a lot of the products we sell are packaged in plastic bottles which is why we're working with Take 3 For The Sea to do our bit to help them remove 3 million pieces of plastic from the environment in the next 3 years. 



Truth: disposable nappies are the third largest consumer item in landfills; that’s 30% of non-biodegradable waste! And it takes hundreds of years for conventional nappies to decompose. Eco disposable nappies are up to 80% biodegradable and importantly, their manufacturers have increased the sustainability of their supply chains to ensure their nappies are always made efficiently and leave behind the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The very best way to reduce volume in landfills is by using cloth nappies as substitutes or replacements to disposables. Increasing the use of any reusable items is more eco-friendly and efficient. That’s why we rate multi-use products so highly and try to empower our community to throw away less and reuse more. We’re big fans of recycled items as well.

Our consumption habits matter.



Our waste is growing at double the rate of our population, with Australia ranked the 5th highest contributor of global waste. We are dedicated to sourcing and sharing the savviest reusable solutions on the market to arm our Collective to fight the war on waste together.

As a business, we're extremely conscious about our own waste. One of the biggest sources of waste for us is the volume of cardboard boxes we receive from our suppliers when posting us their fabulous products. Wherever possible we reuse the boxes, and when we can’t, we recycle them at our local waste management facility.

Making paper from recycled materials requires up to 99% less water and 50% less energy than making paper from raw materials. We only use recycled cardboard boxes to post your orders in.



Our environmental strategy identifies three areas where we can support and influence environmentally-conscious practices: our supply chain, our customers, and our own operations.

We have the biggest control over our own operations and have our sights on carbon neutral operations, certified through the National Carbon Offset Scheme.

To help us get there, we are tracking our carbon footprint via a strict carbon accounting procedure. At the end of 2018, we will complete a full account of our CO2 footprint and put in place actions and yearly targets to help us reach this goal.



The Clean Collective exists to tackle two serious problems that are heavily impacted by human consumption habits: we’re harming ourselves and we’re harming our planet.

By making changes to our personal behaviour, we each have the power to reduce the toxic future that we’re currently speeding towards.

The reality is that we’re sourcing and supplying the best products available right now to tackle both problems above, and we’ll always strive for better.

As a Collective, we have the ability to influence supply chains and encourage new, sustainable solutions for our future generations. Each purchase we make is a vote for the kind of future we want to see. 



While we’ve selected what our research reveals to be the best products for you and your family right now, we’re devoted to constantly reviewing and re-evaluating new research and technology to update our list of chemicals and materials we avoid, and our solutions for you.



Product certifications

When browsing the products in our shop, you’ll notice the fancy certification logos that some of them have worked hard to be awarded, proving their cleaner and/or greener status. These certifications indicate the highest standard of care for human and planet health.

Toxin glossary

We’re dedicated to helping you make sense of complicated labels, even when the product is not sold by us. We've built a toxin glossary that will help you decipher the bad from the good when you’re shopping elsewhere. You won't find any of these chemicals in the products we sell.

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