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The Clean Collective: a standard for healthy and eco-friendly living, uniting the planet's best products, ideas and experts in one place



"How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing"

- David Attenborough

Hello, you wonderful human!

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Just by being here, you’re part of a driving force for a better future. The reality of our present day is that we’re living in a world that’s seeing a rise in autoimmune diseases, mental health, cancer, chemical pollution in babies, waste, plastic pollution, air pollution, natural disasters and climate crisis risks. It’s a reality that can leave us feeling distressed and powerless while creating a false view of it all being out of our control.

Because the truth is that the joint decline in human and planetary health can be linked back to our day-to-day habits and reengineering those can tame, and even reverse, the catastrophic

effects on our bodies, our minds, our planet and all its inhabitants. From the products we use and the foods we eat, to the way we run our homes and interact with our bodies and our environment - it’s all linked. The solution starts with me, in the same way it starts with you.

Are you ready to do something about it?

You have the power to change what products are produced by voting with your wallet and supporting what’s safe and sustainable. You have control over what you consume (that means what you buy, use and do: all the inputs and outputs of human activity). You have access to online information to relearn your habits to improve everything from your diet, skin, hormones and mental health to your waste and carbon footprint.

You have a single destination, right here, where the products, information and experts are housed under one roof. We’re your gateway to joining the solution.

No action is too small, and when we commit together as a collective, the result is magnified.

Yep: people power! It’s the real deal.

Our commitment to you is to grow with the advances in scientific research to support you in reengineering your consumption habits to feel better, do better, and live better with the best solutions and the latest guidance.

Are you with the Collective?
Charlie T
The Clean Collective

We’ve built a standard (the strictest in Australia and New Zealand) to assess the safety and sustainability of personal care, natural cleaning and reusable products to help you choose what’s best for your health and what’s best for the planet.

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We collect products that meet our standard and make them available for you to shop here on our website. Our partnership with Australia Post is top tier which means you get your orders fast

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We publish information from experts and influential voices on how to create and maintain a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle here on our blog, supporting positive changes for your health and the future of our planet

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We walk our talk and always give back to the planet through our philanthropic initiatives, planting trees and removing plastic from the environment in partnership with you

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We have 11.5 years until an unprecedented climate disaster as a result of the consumption that’s fuelling rapid climate change (think: agriculture, transport, energy).


Due to our excessive need for convenience, our waste is growing at double the rate of our population and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

1 in 4

The toxic chemicals we consume and use in our everyday products and food are responsible for 1 in 4 health issues.


These same chemicals are responsible for our babies being born pre-polluted with an average of 200 chemicals in their umbilical cords.


On average, our homes contain 10 gallons of synthetic chemicalbased products that cause the air indoors to be five times more polluted than the air outdoors.


And the 250B tonnes of chemical emissions that we create have caused scientists to now classify our planet as “toxic”.


MARCH 2016

We begin researching and planning



We validate our idea via a research study



We confirm our Safety & Sustainability Standard is ready for use after extensive research and consultation with chemical databases and experts

OCT 2017

We launch the Clean Collective


MARCH 2018

We expand the product range to be six times the size it was at launch

MAY 2018

we begin showcasing our product range around Sydney

JULY 2018

we move into a new warehouse


we begin to receive press coverage


we launch the Green Friday Festival, donating profits to plant 54,237 trees, offsetting Australia’s Christmas wrapping paper consumption



we celebrate that 2018 results show our website to be the fastest growing in its industry

MAY 2019

we conclude our first impact report, celebrating our community’s success in:

+ Preventing almost 2 millionlitres of toxic-chemical products from coming into contact with people and the planet

+ Diverting more than1.9 million single use items from landfill

+ Removed 6,090 pieces of plastic from the ocean, and

+ Planting 54,237 trees

JUNE 2019

we’re shortlisted for the 2019 Telstra Business Awards


Our standard: the heart

Our standard in safe and sustainable purchasing has been over two years in the making, in consultation with experts and chemical databases. It’s the heart of our machine, fuelling everything we do. It’s deemed the strictest in Australia and New Zealand and has successfully influenced one major supplier to remove an ingredient from its range.

Our community & partners: the soul

We unite a community of readers, shoppers, product manufacturers, industry experts, influencers, charities and grassroots movements to address major issues spanning waste,climate change, autoimmune disease, hormone disruption, mental health, pre-pollution, epigenetics, and more. The soul of The Clean Collective is its 400,000 readers, 80,000 followers and subscribers, and 500 industry and brand partners.

The brand: the body

Our brand was released in Australia in late 2017. It’s been in the media spotlight with features in national publications like The Daily Mail, News., 9Honey, The Carousel and more, as well as popular vertical publications like Peppermint and Kids On The Coast.

Our team: the mind

We’ve assembled a committed and talented group of wellness and environmental enthusiasts who happen to be top-class professionals in digital development, marketing, content creation, logistics and customer service.



Before co-founding The Clean Collective, Georgia worked 13 years in operation and distribution roles for Fortune 500s. Having experienced serious health issues as the result of a parasite, Georgia began studying a BA Health Science. Her passion for wellness was magnified when she discovered she was pregnant in 2016 and soon to be directly responsible for someone else’s health. She co-founded The Clean Collective to build an online authority that mums could truly rely on to read and analyse product labels, so they could spend time reading more stories to their little ones.


Before joining The Clean Collective, Charli amassed 12 years’ experience in public relations and marketing communications, leading campaigns for global brands including Red Bull, Reebok, Under Armour and Weight Watchers. Charli has her finger on the pulse of the latest political and environmental developments and crises around the world. Her health-conscious lifestyle was catalysed when she cured years of adult acne with product and lifestyle switches, while her eco-conscious mind is a result of growing up by the ocean, happiest near it, in it, beside it as our resident mermaid.


Before co-founding The Clean Collective, Charlie was working as a Global Digital Strategist at American Express. She experienced depression and anxiety which manifested physically as uncontrollable blackouts in 2013. This kick-started her obsession with a healthier lifestyle and made her quickly realise the connection to the natural world she so cared about being a muddy farm kid at heart. In 2016, she decided to put her career experience in service of communicating the need for broader adoption of the lifestyle she’d become so passionate about, and The Clean Collective was born.

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