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The Ripple Effect Podcast

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Introducing The Ripple Effect: A new podcast from The Clean Collective that explores the power we all have to make a difference. 

The solution starts with you. 

You’re just about the most powerful thing walking the face of this planet.

We’re living in a world where disease, cancer and natural disasters are on the rise, while mental health, community health and climate health are in decline.

But the solution to all of this starts with YOU, and the ripple effect you have on the world around you.  

Every second Monday from 12 August 2019, join Roland Davies as he chats to game-changers who are empowering others to tackle environmental epidemics and take ownership of their health. 

Roland Davies, Host of The Ripple Effect, a Podcast by The Clean Collective


You don’t get to choose the extent to which you impact the world, because it’s infinite. But you can entirely choose whether it’s negative or positive

- Roland Davies, Host of The Ripple Effect, a Podcast by The Clean Collective









Read more about our guests

Head to our blog, to go behind the scenes and find out more about our host and the legends he'll be chatting with over the coming weeks.  




Conversation 1: Around The Cauldron With The Clean Collective Chiefs

Conversation 2: Protecting The Rainforest With Jimmy Halfcut

Conversation 3: Falling In Love With The Earth With Natalie Isaacs From 1 Million Women


Head over to our dedicated podcast page HERE to listen to each episode as they are released, or subscribe on, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more! Just search for 'The Ripple Effect from The Clean Collective' on your preferred platform. 

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