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Putting Climate Change Back On The Front Pages

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Making headlines this week was our hero, Sir David Attenborough, who will be the first guest to appear on the new So Hot Right Now podcast, hosted by journalist and Turning The Tide On Plastic author Lucy Siegle, and film maker Tom Mustill.

Sir Attenborough pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic had "swept climate change off the front pages. And we've got to get it back there", acknowledging that while staying updated on the pandemic was very important, the focus on the virus has made it seem like the climate issue was in "the distant future". With the UN Climate Change Conference 2020 (COP26 Summit) being postponed due to the pandemic, keeping the conversation about solving climate change front of mind is more important than ever.

It's easy to feel a bit helpless when it comes to solving the climate crisis and saving the planet. But remember - you are never too small to make a difference, and simple changes, when made as a collective, have a huge impact on this beautiful planet we call home.

Plastic pollution is intrinsically linked to climate change.

Almost all plastic is made from materials (like ethylene and propylene) that are made from fossil fuels. Extracting and transporting these fuels, together with the manufacturing process creates billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases (source: WWF). Not all plastics are bad, some plastic is used to make life-saving surgical equipment, for example. But do we really want to waste precious, finite fossil fuels on a single-use plastic water bottle?

So, in support of Sir Attenborough and to empower your continued journey to tread a little lighter on the earth, we are turning our attention to 10 simple things you can do today, to reduce and change the future impacts of plastic on the planet.

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10 simple things you can do to reduce your plastic waste

10 simple things you can do to reduce your plastic waste


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