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Five Minutes With... Jimmy Halfcut

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We were lucky enough to catch up with the legend that is Jimmy Halfcut, a man on a mission to save the world with his beard. Well, half a beard... 


Where did you go on your last vacation?

Tasmania, blockading in Tarkine Takayna a the Sumac coupe. Was a hoot!


Where in the world do you live and what do you love the most about it? 

I live in Sydney in the smallest suburb, love the vegan option restaurants.


What do you think the biggest threat is to our planet and the people in it today?

Apathy. I believe this is a serious issue. The lack of engagement and ability to walk away from the serious local and global issue and just move on. I call this the Netflix generation.


Apart from that, we lose 1.5 football fields of forests every second. Half the world's forests are gone and in Australia alone, we have reduced 50% of both flora and fauna in just 231 years. We are the only developed country in the top 10 of deforestation globally. 91% of all deforestation is due to animal agriculture. We are literally eating ourselves and the planet to death. To add to this, 50% of all the food generated ends up in a bin. The energy required to make the food, the carbon footprint and or methane releases both from animal and or if it ends up in landfill, is outrageous.


Give us your elevator pitch for your mission.

Halfcut is a fundraising movement we started with the sole purpose of buying up and protecting endangered rainforests globally. Why are 50% of the world’s forests gone? I’m on a mission HalfCut for 365 days, a whole year to start these conversations, to invite people to go HalfCut August 31st to start their own rainforest protection counter and or donate.


What drives you to get out of bed every day?

When 50% of anything has been removed from the planet, there is an issue, it is a crisis. We have lost a lung of the planet, along with 60% of the world’s flora and fauna from 1970 until 2018 has become extinct. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (UN IPCC) has stated that protecting forests and engaging in regeneration efforts will help curve the climate crisis. 


Forests are carbon sink bombs that absorb both natural and manmade carbon, the manmade being a major pressing issue as global temperatures are on the rise towards 1.5% and beyond with devastating impacts on reefs, increased algal blooms, droughts, fires, heat waves, flash storms and flooding just to mention a few. Forests/rainforests are our natural cooling systems, they are called just that “rain-forests” for they provide us with precipitation, water cycles and so much more. If you have had a glass of water, eaten a piece of fruit or taken a deep breath of fresh air you can thank rainforests for this :)


I wish to educate and empower people to take action. To empower people to start their own rainforest acre protection counter when we can protect rainforest globally with our partners Rainforest Trust for just $2.50 (half a coffee). It is heartbreaking just how cheap it is to protect rainforests in mass buyback - thousands to millions of acres purchased at one given time. Why not get behind something so tangible and taking direct action. All donations are matched $1 for $1 doubling the impact of rainforest protected.


What one piece of advice do you wish you could give your 15-year-old self?

The activist path is a life long journey. Try to notice when you are hitting burn out, stop what you're doing and recharge.

What does the word ‘community’ mean to you?

A beehive working in harmony together to achieve a common goal. A collective of people from all paths of life sharing a passion and organising as to who best tackle the issue.


Tell us about your self-care routine.

Getting out into nature, switching off the phone, exercising, yoga, meditation, being with family and friends and working on my hives.


Who/what has been the biggest influence in getting your life to the stage it’s at now? 

My mother. She has been the number one person who has inspired me to be the person I am today.


Thank you so much, Jimmy. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Let’s get you all HalfCut August 31st and start your own rainforest acre protection counter! Boom.


Want to hear more from Jimmy? Yep, so did we! So we asked him to be on our podcast, which launches Monday, 12 August 2019.

Head over to our dedicated podcast page HERE to listen to each episode as they are released, or subscribe on, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more! Just search for 'The Ripple Effect from The Clean Collective' on your preferred platform. 

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